Busan for Buddha’s Birthday

This post is even later than my other ones.. but I can’t leave it out..2014-05-03 12.24.25

Busan reminded me of home. It’s a beach city and it’s main beach part called Haeundae, was so much like belmont or seal beach. It was just the girls on this trip and we stayed at a really nice hostel called Guesthouse COOOOL… and yes all the o’s are in the actual name.. the owner made the best eggs ever and had bread that I…

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Boryeong Mud Festival

I am deskwarming and clearly have lots of time on my hands to catch up on blogging.. I suppose blogging isn’t the same when I am making all entries in one day but I have so much I want to remember.

DSC00979 DSC00980 DSC00987 DSC00990

Boryeong Mud Festival was in July.. yes.. a WHOLE month ago.. but it was something I had been waiting all year for. It’s an annual festival where people gather and play in mud all day. It’s great…

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Vietnam http://wp.me/s2XgMA-vietnam

IMG_23843600065910I used my last 4 days of vacation time to go on a trip to Vietnam with Meesh. We went for 9 days but had the CRAZIEST itinerary…

Day 1-Day 2 Hanoi

Day 3 Halong Bay

Day 4 halong bay, Hanoi, Night train to Sapa

Day 5-6 Sapa and night train to Hanoi

Day 7-8 Hoi An, and Danang to Hanoi

Day 9 Hanoi to Seoul


and I had a fever the night before we left and a horrible sinus infection…

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Goodbye Seoul…

Goodbye Seoul…

This year flew by so quickly! I can’t believe I only have a few weeks and then I’m going home.  It’s definitely bittersweet. I’ve definitely missed Los Angeles and my family but I love Korea and Seoul. I never imagined that I would grow so attached to another country. The people, the food, the sites, the history and culture. I am going to miss it all. As much as I was afraid to live in such a big…

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Visiting the doctor in korea

Visiting the doctor in korea

My experiences so far with doctors and pharmacies in Korea have all been pretty good..  of course I’m completely anxious and worried before I enter a 약국 (yak or pharmacy) or doctor’s office. Language barriers and uneasiness and uncertainty about the way Korean doctors practice medicine I guess.. It’s easy, and probably the only way to get the right care, to see specialists and usually their…

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What I will miss about Korea Part 1

What I will miss about Korea Part 1

The more I travel and see the world the harder it is for me to see myself living in one place. I’m going to miss living in Korea so much.

Not in any order because really that would be way too hard to put a ranking on these things… this will definitely be continued later…

2014-05-25 12.35.26Korean Movie Theaters:First off, they are probably THE nicest movie theaters I’ve ever sat in.. Super clean, super…

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Right There, Right Here

Right There, Right Here

It’s been awhile since I’ve updated.. I didn’t even talk about Busan at all or anything else that’s happened since who can even remember what my last post was about… that’s how long it’s been. Honestly, I’ve had more moments of homesickness lately with spurts of anxiety to fit in every experience I can while in Korea..the bipolarness of it all is enough to make me just hole up in my hobbit home…

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time to sing the phonics song~

time to sing the phonics song~


I totally do this when I sing the phonics song with my kids… It’s one of the things that I really love about being in elementary school again. I get to be silly and make the kids laugh with my weirdness.. BUT I do miss teaching high school.

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I LOVE visitors! Especially when they come bearing gifts!

I LOVE visitors! Especially when they come bearing gifts!

I haven’t been posting as much as I hoped to while I was here.. What it comes down to is, when I’m actually living life I don’t find the time to blog… I think the most I ever blogged in my life was when I was unemployed… and boy, were those the saddest most pathetic blog posts… These days I am staying busy with other things… and when I’m not busy.. I would just rather watch TV in English.. hahah

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식당 Review: Brick Oven New York Pizzeria

식당 Review: Brick Oven New York Pizzeria

I decided that I need to start writing about some of my past experiences since I have so much time on my hands at school. So here is my first review of a restaurant in Korea…

I ate at Brick Oven in Gangnam the other night with my friend Ashley. I have been so disappointed with pizzas in Korea. Sometimes they are an open faced quesadilla with tomatoes on it.. Sometimes [or mostly..really..] they…

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Mr. CHU! ibsul wie CHU!

Mr. CHU! ibsul wie CHU!

Started a new dance class with my new co-teacher. This time it is with NYDance Class here in Songpa-gu. It’s in a real studio this time! Not just a parks and rec. class…. and so I was a bit worried about it. I pictured me as Napolean Dynamite in a room full of Hyunas or Minzys.. It ended up being so fun! The manager gave us a special deal so it was 90,000 won for 1 month. The class is three times…

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My first Korean Wedding

My first Korean Wedding

2014-03-22 11.30.39

My new co-teacher got married last weekend in Gwangju. It was going to be the farthest trip ever but I didn’t want to miss such a special day for my new friend and it was an experience that I would probably never have again. Her wedding was so beautiful and I was so glad I got to be a part of it.

1395474320119My day started at 6:00 since I had to catch a shuttle bus from Yangjae station. luckily I ran into…

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GO Twins!

I decided that since Annie and Michelle are Doosan fans I get to be a Twins fan!! Went to my first Korean baseball game of the season. Doosan Bears against LG Twins at Jamsil Stadium. I love how close I am to this stadium.. hopped on one bus, no transfers! When you have been living without a car for as long as I have you will understand how wonderful that is!

Tickets sold out but we got some from…

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Winter Extravaganza

I2014-01-30 16.53.34-1 am late to post this because I got super busy after my seester and A came to visit. Actually I wasn’t but I was so tired after they visited I was a zombie for a week and then I was really busy with moving and starting at my new school..

So over a month ago, my seester and A came to Seoul. It ws quite the adventure for A since it was her first international trip! I don’t think I’ve ever been so…

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